Dual studies: Your dual studies at GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology

Dual studies

For the year 2018 all study places are occupied

Dual studies at GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology, in cooperation with the Studium Plus programme, enables you to get a complete higher education with professional experience at the Technical University of Middle Hesse (THM).

Dual studies offer you diversified technical training in innovative and sought-after areas of specialisation. The areas of activity of a bachelor degree holder range from the development of technical equipment, systems and processes to quality assurance and production to service-oriented tasks.

GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology offer these dual training options in various different disciplines, such as machine construction, industrial engineering (specialising in machine construction) and electrical engineering.

A subsequent master degree can also be completed as postgraduate studies following completion of the bachelor degree with GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology.

Your contact partner here is Ms. Skotschier.

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