Innovation since 1983

GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology are able to look back on a successful company history. It all started in a garage, where GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology developed from a hot runner manufacturer into an internationally active and technologically leading company. Starting with two employees in 1983 and with currently more than 200 employees at the Frankenberg, Germany location, a subsidiary in Shanghai, China and sales branches throughout Europe today, we're not about to stop growing. You can see the development of GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology for yourself in the overview below:


The HEROS Heisskanaltechnik company is founded with two employees in Allendorf-Rennertehausen, Germany. A short time later, the company name was changed to GÜNTHER Heisskanaltechnik GmbH.


The first nozzle order is received in March, and April sees the first order for a hot runner system.


Cooperation begins with representative WESCHU in Nuremberg, Germany. In the meantime, the company employs 10 people and moves to Frankenberg, Germany near the former PC Neumann weaving plant at the end of the year. In addition to growing business in Germany, the first exports are carried out.


For the first time, GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology are represented as exhibitors at the largest plastics trade fair in the world, the "K" trade fair.


Branches are established in the UK (GÜNTHER U.K. LTD.), Italy and the Netherlands for Benelux.


In addition to 5 V technology, a 230 V system is developed to serve broader market segments.

1990 / 1991

GÜNTHER capture the American market. Subsidiary GUNTHER Hot Runner Systems Inc. is founded in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Representatives in France (GÜNTHER France S.A.) Denmark, Norway and Finland are added, and the 50th employee is hired.


GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology are 10 years old.


Industrial representative Römhild serves customers in eastern Germany.


The number of employees is now 88, and the first 24 V system enters production. Designing hot runner systems in three operating voltages makes the company unique in the world. GÜNTHER are now represented in the Czech Republic as well.


The company's international presence is further expanded with representatives in Switzerland, Portugal and Brazil.


Cooperation with a representative in Israel begins.


Export business is accelerated through trade show appearances in the USA, Brazil, Scandinavia, Italy and France, and the number of employees grows to 113. A representative is set up in Poland (GÜNTHER Polen).


In addition to representatives in Spain, Slovenia and Denmark, activity begins in Asia with representation being established in Taiwan and Hong Kong. In the meantime, the employee count grows to more than 120 employees and the current company grounds no longer provide enough space. This is why ground is broken for a new building on a 15,000 sqm property not far from the old company office. The 3,000 sqm production hall is completed at the end of the year, and production begins in the new building at the turn of the year.


The second phase of construction for the new management building is completed in April, and the management moves into the 1,500 sqm building. With the new company building totalling 4,500 sqm in size, the course is set for further expansion. In addition to this new building, investments were made in new machines to the tune of about 1 million German Marks: two cylindrical grinding machines, one 5-axis CNC milling machine, one measuring machine and two lathes were purchased. 20 employees were hired this year alone, bringing the workforce to 140 people.


GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology are now represented in 19 countries, including a production facility in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Exports make up 45% of the company's business.


The L.I.F.E. project of B. Braun in Melsungen, Germany begins. GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology are among the team of consultants. July: Our 100,000th nozzle is delivered to Mr. Auer of Megaplast. GÜNTHER are represented in India by the Nitoo Sales company.


GÜNTHER hot runner systems are engaged in nearly every area of plastics processing with 180 employees. GÜNTHER celebrate the 20th anniversary of our founding with a grand party. Our modern machine park is expanded to include a milling centre from the Deckel-Maho company, a TBT deep-drilling centre, two Spinner CNC lathes and a Kellenberger grinding machine. Representation is set up in Hungary.


GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology exhibit at the K trade show (exhibit space over 90 m2 for the first time) and present the LA and VA versions of the new PM needle guide there. Company management is expanded, and Ms. S. Sommer is called to lead the company. With this, Mr. Günther wants to ensure that the company carry on with a "soft" transition. The L.I.F.E. project B. Braun – Melsungen, Germany. The first bottles are filled in February of 2004. GÜNTHER Italia are founded, and cooperation with the IMTS company in Korea begins.


The hot runner forum takes place in Frankenberg, Germany on 21 April. Topic: The advantages of modern hot runner technology in conjunction with demanding materials. More than 100 participants immensely enjoy this event. Mid-2005: GÜNTHER USA move to a new company building in West Chicago, Illinois, USA. The L.I.F.E. project B. Braun – Melsungen, Germany: The system has been running under full load since the beginning of the year. For the first time, GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology exhibit in the People's Republic of China at the Chinaplas trade show. May 2005: GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology are now represented in Portugal by Newserve Ltd. located in Gandara dos Olivais, Leiria.


In May 2006, subsidiary GUENTHER Hot Runner Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd are founded in the People's Republic of China. In May of 2006, GÜNTHER's CADHOC System Designer is presented to highly interested experts. This is the first configuration tool which is able to very quickly simulate a hot runner system online, including negative volume and price information (PDF). The CADHOC Road Show exhibits in England, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Portugal. More than 1,700,000 Euro are invested in a modern machine park.


64 + 64x mould delivered to England for clean room production. Additional investments of 1,500,000 Euro are made in a modern machine park. Clean room production facilities are established. GÜNTHER exhibit at the K 2007 trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany.


GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology celebrate the company's 25-year anniversary. As part of the anniversary celebration, symposia are held in the cities of Jena, Graz, Nuremberg, Porta Westfalica, Karlsruhe and Frankenberg. On 14 May, ground is broken for the hall expansion project. This provides 1,800 additional square metres of production space. 2.2 million Euro are invested. An additional 1.5 million Euro are invested in state-of-the-art machines, and 15 to 20 new workplaces are created. Completion is planned for October 2008. A ceremony is held in the new hall on 2 October. Employee count: around 200 people. GÜNTHER Heißkanalsysteme are engaged in nearly every area of plastics processing. GÜNTHER hot runner nozzles are highly regarded in the car and electrical industries, electronics and information technology and in medical and laboratory technology thanks to their high level of precision.


Continual investment in the company's own products and production technology allow the company to survive the difficult year of 2009 considerably better than average in the industry. The economic crisis is used to consolidate all internal processes and design them to be more effective. A large number of developments are promoted.


The "BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle" product is introduced at the K 2010 trade show. 10 years of research and development, including practical testing with pilot applications, have made the BlueFlow® hot runner technology possible. Following presentation at K 2010, the "blue nozzle" achieves a high degree of recognition in the market. Quality assurance system: In August of 2010, recertification was carried out successfully based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 by TÜV Hessen.


Employees: over 200. Trainees: 20, and three 1-year placement students. BA students: one employee. Studium Plus students: four employees.


Symposium for materials suppliers in March and, then in June, two symposia for our customers with the topic "mould and hot runner technology working together efficiently for an optimum injection moulding process!" Start of the FastFlow project for introducing lean production in the production and design departments. Modernisation and expansion of the machine park. December 2012: The first after-work (4 p.m.–6 p.m.) hot runner meeting takes place in Dinklage, Germany. Employees: over 200. Trainees: 20, and four 1-year placement students. BA students: one employee. Studium Plus students: two employees.


GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology celebrate the 30-year mark. The company exhibit at the K 2013 trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany. Representative meeting takes place in Düsseldorf. Trainees: 15, as well as one technical college placement student and two other students. GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology are able to look back at a long tradition in training young people. Since 1987, 57 young people have successfully obtained vocational qualification.


The year 2014 is completed successfully. Signs point to growth and expansion of market shares. As a result, heavy investment in the Frankenberg, Germany location continues. Employee count: During the current training year, 17 trainees, one student and two technical college 1-year placement students are enrolled.


GÜNTHER invests five million Euros – 2.5 million in the extension of the administrative building in Frankenberg and a further 2.5 million in new technological developments and cutting-edge machines.

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