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Seminars: GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology seminars: Expertise for use in practice

Are you working with hot runner systems? Are you looking for a custom-tailored solution to a tricky problem? Do you want to increase your production efficiency?

Expand your knowledge and expertise! At our seminars, we provide you (as a user, mould maker or engineer) with an introduction to hot runner technology and convey extensive knowledge on hot runner systems. We also offer appropriate seminars for advanced learners. In addition, we provide you with helpful information and valuable tips on using hot runner systems in your day-to-day work. This includes:

  • Selecting and modifying components for system design
  • Optimum installation
  • Smooth operation 
  • Safe and professional maintenance
GÜNTHER Heisskanaltechnik GmbH

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35066 Frankenberg (Eder)

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