Medical technology

GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology for medical technology

When it comes to medical technology, plastics are truly irreplaceable. Syringes, pipettes, thermometers, prostheses and an endless list of medical instruments are indispensable in operating theatres and medical practices. As a plastics user in the medical technology industry – or a mould maker or engineer – you are looking for a partner who intricately understands and implements your special requirements.

Medical technology places special requirements on plastic injection-moulded parts. This includes:

  • Special hygiene
  • Complex geometries
  • High-quality appearance

The requirements on hot runner technology in this field include:

  • Stable processing
  • Reliable and safe production
  • Multi-hot runner solutions for the smallest of shot weights

We make it possible! Successful GÜNTHER hot runner technologies include:

  • Individual applications
  • Multi-component systems
  • Valve gate systems

With GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology, you achieve the best balance between precision, high productivity and economy. Our hot runner systems ensure improved repetition precision, longer machine run times and low operating costs.

Our application example from the medical technology industry:

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