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We are all currently experiencing extraordinary times in which our every-day lives are being determined by Covid-19, or the coronavirus. For this reason we would like to inform you about the current status of this in our company, please click on the link below.


Status: 20.03.2020

We wish that we all come through this difficult period well. Stay safe!

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GÜNTHER Heisskanaltechnik GmbH
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GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology for the packaging industry

The huge product diversity of modern packaging technology makes plastics indispensable here, too. As a manufacturer of lids, caps and closures, or thin-walled containers, vessels and boxes, you are dependent on both effective and cost-efficient production. As a mould maker or engineer, you like to work with a hot runner specialist who is innovative and service-oriented in equal measures.

The packaging industry places special requirements on plastic injection-moulded parts. This includes:

  • Thin-walled, low-weight moulded parts
  • Maximum production capacity

The requirements on the mould level in this area include:

  • High injection pressure
  • Tricky geometries
  • Use of multiple colours 
  • In-mould labelling
  • Short cycle times and long maintenance intervals

We make it possible! Successful GÜNTHER hot runner technologies include:

  • Individual applications
  • Multi-component systems
  • Valve gate systems

With GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology, you achieve the best balance between precision, high productivity and economy. Our hot runner systems ensure improved repetition precision and low operating costs.

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