Cold runner systems

Cold runner systems – Passion for cold runner technology

Full of the same passion with which GÜNTHER create hot runner systems, we also configure our cold runner systems for LSR processing. The simple construction, modular nozzle design and very good thermal separation between the nozzle and cavity enable us to offer outstanding solutions for the cold half in injection moulding.

Other advantages at a glance

  • Complete cold half available as a standard part
  • Floating suspension helps to compensate for heat expansion
  • Optimal temperature profile thanks to flowing cooling medium
  • Range includes two types of valve gate nozzles and manifolds

Complete cold half as a standard part
GÜNTHER offer a complete cold half which can be purchased as a standard part and efficiently integrated into corresponding moulds.

The contact surfaces on the nozzle piece of the nozzles are kept as small as possible between the hot cavity plate and the cold half for thermal separation. Floating suspension helps to compensate for heat expansion. The flow volume of the cooling medium provides an optimum temperature profile.


Cold runner systems

Cold runner valve gate nozzles – individually or in a common housing
GÜNTHER's product range features two valve gate nozzles for cold runner systems. These nozzles can be used either individually or in a common housing for tighter cavity spacing with a common inlet and outlet.
Cold runner manifolds
For this purpose, GÜNTHER offer two types of cold runner manifold: a split version with two manifold plate halves and one with manifold plates equipped with closing plugs.

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