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Hot runner systems: Innovative hot runner technology for superior quality and cost efficiency for injection moulding

Optimize your manufacturing processes while reducing your production costs with high-performance hot runner systems.

GÜNTHER is a leader in hot runner technology. We are synonymous with 35 years' expertise, maximum process reliability, perfect gate point quality and absolute precision, all excellently matched to your applications.


Reduce reject rate and production costs effectively: Improve your injection moulding processes thanks to pioneering hot runner technology

We use innovative hot runner technologies to develop modern, thermally insulated gate point systems. Our hot runners achieve highly efficient runner injection of molten plastic. Benefit from their significant advantages.


The advantages:

  • Material savings: The systems' high efficiency and the precise match to your requirements ensure enormous savings on expensive raw materials.
  • Up to 50% less energy: With the innovative BlueFlow® technology, you halve your energy consumption compared to conventional hot runner nozzles.
  • Homogeneous temperature management: Use GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology to bring the temperature to exactly where it is needed and ensure a uniform high product quality.
  • Maximum time savings: Benefit from the simple installation geometries, minimum start-up times and reduced cycle times.
  • Lower reject rates: Perfect moulded parts with hot runner solutions which minimize your reject rate.
  • Optimum process reliability: With GÜNTHER, the entire injection moulding process becomes safer and more efficient.
  • Reduced space requirements: Smaller hot runner systems mean smaller injection moulding machines. Our patented, compact BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle allows you more space for different options.
Find the perfect hot runner system with the product configurator

Find the perfect hot runner system with the product configurator

Configure your ideal hot runner system with our CADHOC® System Designer right now and obtain the CAD data required for your engineering process.

Save up to 50 % energy with BlueFlow®

Save up to 50 % energy with BlueFlow®

The innovative BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle sets new standards for the quality and design of moulded parts made of thermally sensitive plastics. The compact design and excellent, energy-efficient temperature control are convincing in production practice. The innovative technology of thick-film heating in combination with the two-part shaft enables savings of up to 50 %.

Open hot runner systems for process-reliable injection moulding for engineering thermoplastics and other different plastics

Open hot runner systems

Always open for a wide variety of applications! Process-reliable injection moulding for engineering thermoplastics and other different plastics: Find out more about open hot runners.

GÜNTHER hot runners with valve gate technology meet strict requirements on visual appearance while offering maximum process reliability

Valve gate systems

Perfect technology for perfect appearance. GÜNTHER hot runners with valve gate technology meet strict requirements on visual appearance while offering maximum process reliability, whether you need minimal shear stress, variable gate diameters or significant reductions in cycle times.

Multi-drop hot runner nozzles

Simply benefit in different ways with multi-drop hot runner nozzles for vertical or side gating. Optionally available in a radial or linear design for optimum scope to design your hot runner systems. Yet another advantage: low cavity spacing during multi-drop injection of small parts.

Complete hot runner systems

Complete power, fully customized: Complete hot runner systems and hot halves for maximum performance and extremely simple installation. Designed as per your specifications with perfectly matched hot runner components.

Hot runners from the technology leader: We don’t just talk about quality. We provide it. See for yourself.

Practice-oriented and technically perfected – that is what characterizes our hot runner technology. Our expertise allows us to create hot runner solutions which will impress you with their optimum cost efficiency. Our optimized temperature profiles ensure a uniform high product quality and reliably reproducible injection moulding processes.

Choose among open hot runner nozzles, valve gate nozzles, single hot runner nozzles and system nozzles in our wide range of hot runner components. GÜNTHER hot runner manifolds guarantee an optimum melt flow. We configure complete hot halves based on our high-grade hot runner systems precisely tailored to your requirements.

We are ready to help – with quality, perfection and a great of passion for every work step.


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