READY2CONNECT:: Completely assembled hot runner systems as a ready-to-install solution

Save time and money with simplified, fast installation and safe commissioning. We take care of the wiring and ensure the electrical function. This avoids any wiring errors and ensures a stable production process right from the start.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Ready-to-install solution
  • Fast and safe commissioning
  • Simplified project planning
  • Extended warranty conditions

Special features
The grid cable duct we use safely protects the cables from being crushed, all cables and plug connections are easily accessible and temperature build-up is reliably avoided. Our easy-to-install cable boxes are clearly wired and configured according to your requirements.


The following applies to all READY2CONNECT hot runner systems:

  • High-quality components for long service life
  • Perfectly matched to each other
  • Complete systems from simple to complex

GÜNTHER supports its customers:

  • Comprehensive advice during planning
  • Support during project planning
  • Engineering for perfectly fitting interfaces
  • Customised, ready-to-install system according to customer requirements

Standardised cable boxes

  • For any number of compartments and different add-on enclosures
  • Orderly cabling thanks to terminal blocks
  • Easy to assemble and clearly arranged
  • Increased safety due to additional protective conductor connection
  • Pre-cabling on terminal strips according to DIN EN 60204-1
  • Connection from the terminal strips to plug versions according to customer requirements
READY2CONNECT terminal block


Thanks to the clear wiring via terminal blocks, defined measuring points are available for all load contacts and facilitate subsequent checks if required.

READY2CONNECT grid cable duct

Grid cable duct

  • Safe routing of cables and plug connections
  • Freely accessible connections
  • No temperature build-up thanks to grid structure
READY2CONNECT power supply

Power supply

  • High temperature resistant
  • Simple locking
  • Secure locking by push/pull
  • Easy to mount

You have the free choice: open hot runner system or valve gate system

Of course, we offer our READY2CONNECT systems as open hot runner as well as valve gate systems. All you have to do is mount the appropriate drive and the needle actuators.

Nadelverschlusssystem 8-fach mit BlueFlow® Düsen vom Typ 5NHF und Hubplatte
8-drop open hot runner system
Subheadline kurz

Fully assembled system

Art des Komplettsystems
8-drop open hot runner system
16-drop open hot runner system
Subheadline kurz

Fully assembled system

Art des Komplettsystems
16-drop open hot runner system
8-drop valve gate system
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Fully assembled system

Art des Komplettsystems
8-drop valve gate system

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