Hot halves

Fully assembled systems and hot halves available as ready-to-install solutions

Taking all of the customer's specifications into account, we design the most sensible ready-to-install solution – for any industry. This guarantees maximum performance.

Ready for installation, individually designed
With a fully assembled system or a hot half, our customers get a customised, well-thought-out design created just for them. All components are matched to one another, fully wired and checked for proper operation.

Hot halves are both efficient and economical
Complete nozzle-side mould halves with a height-matched hot runner and no cavity plate shorten project planning and maximise the performance of GÜNTHER hot runner systems.
Since no extensive coordination work is required, installation errors are ruled out. This makes it possible for our customers to plan the start of production.

Other advantages at a glance
  • Convenient commissioning. GÜNTHER provide support during commissioning, maintenance and repair.
  • Online configuration using CADHOC® System Designer. Plate sizes are suggested by the system.
  • Extended warranty conditions apply for fully assembled systems operated with state-of-the-art GÜNTHER control units and GÜNTHER connection components.

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