Open hot runner systems: Open hot runner systems: individually configured and application-optimised

We offer hot runner systems in the basic open hot runner and closed valve gate types. The nozzle tip in an open system remains open all the time. With the valve gate systems, the nozzle can be closed off with a needle after each injection process.

Open systems are the standard solution for various applications, and we configure them individually and optimise them for applications as per the customer's wishes. Hot runner nozzles with lateral injection and mini-hot runner systems are only offered as open systems.

As the expenditure for the additional control of the needle drive is eliminated with open systems, they are generally more cost effective than the closed version.

Hot runner nozzles

Hot runner nozzles

With their large variety of melt-channel diameters, nozzle lengths and gate geometries, the GÜNTHER hot runner nozzle range offers solutions for all the requirements of modern injection moulding technology.

Gate bushings

Gate bushings

For easy introduction of the required nozzle geometries, gate bushings are used for open hot runner nozzles with BlueFlow® and standard heating.

Standard manifold

A variety of different manifold versions can be selected depending on the desired application. Standard manifolds – either straight or cross manifolds – are cost effective and available on short notice.

Connecting elements

The reliable processing of thermally sensitive plastics requires consistently homogeneous temperature management and an optimum melt flow. This is only achieved when all the melt-conducting components are heated and feature outstanding insulation.

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