Hot runner nozzles for lateral injection

Hot runner nozzles for lateral injection – Optimum vestige quality

Hot runner nozzles for lateral injection offer optimum freedom for designing compact, multi-cavity hot runner systems. During development, special consideration was given to easy maintenance and economical use, such as by using undivided mould inserts.

Guaranteed free of problematic production-related "cold plugs," the especially cost effective and space-saving multiple nozzles of the OktaFlow® series of the radial or linear type ensure direct lateral injection.

The advantages

  • Side gating under 90°
  • Small cavity spacing
  • High number of cavities
  • No complex, split insert necessary
  • Longitudinal expansion via feed nozzle, installation of the sub-manifold independent of the heat expansion
  • Optimal temperature profile
  • Exchangeable nozzle tips
  • Installation-friendly plug-in type power and thermocouple plug connections
  • Reduced control technology requirements

Both versions have the same features:

  • They can be used in conjunction with a heated mount or a manifold for multi-cavity injection moulding tools.
  • For the processing of filled materials, nozzle tips with wear protection can be used instead to ensure long service lives in continuous operation.
  • These tips can be changed individually.
Video - Mounting Oktaflow
Video - Dismounting Oktaflow

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