Regulation and control technology

User-friendly hot runner regulators and control technology

GÜNTHER hot runner regulators and control technology are custom tailored to the precise needs of the user. Our product range extends from single-runner universal regulators to combinations of 24-cavity regulators in master-slave operation for multi-cavity applications. The regulating units are operated with an operating voltage of 230 V – practical and user friendly.

Temperature-regulating units, multi-runner regulating units and control units for valve gate technology
Our product range includes the compact DPT1 through DPT6 temperature-regulating units, the DPT12 through DPT24 multi-runner regulating units for the reliable regulation of complex hot runner systems and the control units for our valve gate technology. The ServoControl Single (SCS) controls up to 16 step motors for needle actuators.

The advantages at a glance

  • User-friendly. Thanks to separate displays/input buttons and nearly self-explanatory menu guidance.
  • Operating mode and process control function can be changed. Operating mode: regulate or control, process control function: master or slave.
  • Continuous fault monitoring. Process interruption in case of excessive heat, insufficient heat and failure of a hot runner element. Lowering of the hot runner temperature in case of fault/standstill.
  • Extremely fast, high-precision temperature control with no temperature fluctuations, making it suitable for quickly responding nozzles as well.
  • Useful additional functions: soft-start function, warm-up ramp, diagnostic function etc. You are able to optimise process reliability and operating convenience and identify wiring errors.

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