Needle actuators

Needle actuators enable precisely monitored opening and closing of the injection points

GÜNTHER needle actuators enable the precise and intelligent needle control of hot runner systems with easy installation and connection technology. Uniform opening of the individual needle gate nozzles enables a reliable injection process, even with the smallest shot weights.

Needle actuators

The advantages at a glace

  • In principle, it is possible to shut off individual cavities. Time is saved thanks to easy setting and exchanging of the needles when installed. The needle can be optimally adjusted thanks to the fine thread on the suspension. The cylinder of a lifting plate mechanism can be replaced without removing the mould.
  • Precise opening and closing of the shut-off needles of multiple lifting plate or sliding mechanism drives.
  • Easy replacement of wearing parts on the drive units.
The following drive units are selectable

Electrical or hydraulic and pneumatic drives

Needle actuators for hot runner nozzles can be driven electrically, hydraulically or pneumatically. Electrical needle drives are excellently suitable for electrical injection moulding machines and can be used in clean rooms. The advantage of electric drives is that the stroke length, the speed of the needle movement and the opening and closing times can be set. The pneumatically driven NEST valve gate nozzle offers optimum process reliability, even when processing high-quality, demanding plastics.

Single-needle drives

With the single-needle valve (SNV), cascade injection moulding through the sequential closing and opening of the needles is possible. With an electric drive, the step motor corresponds to the single-needle valve. Up to 16 step motors can be controlled with extreme precision with the DPE control unit. The pneumatically driven NEST valve gate nozzle is a single-needle valve gate system fully assembled and ready for installation.

Multi-needle drives

If controlling eight nozzles or more with small to medium distances, the stroke mechanism and slide closure multi-needle drives make sense. Multi-needle drives also guarantee uniform opening and closing of the needles with the smallest shot weights. For multi-cavity tiny moulds, the sliding mechanism is preferable as a drive. All cavities are filled uniformly thanks to synchronous nozzle opening. This results in high product quality.

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