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CAD data (CADHOC®): CADHOC® Designer – Top-notch software provided for your support

We provide you with our design program, CADHOC® System Designer. This enables us to meet your needs after quick provision of product data on everything from individual components to complete hot runner systems, including negative volume.

Among other things, CADHOC® System Designer enables you to:

  • Design nozzle sizes in an optimal way
  • Select plastic types from a comprehensive list
  • Make a direct configuration without any specifications of the processing parameters
  • Make an application-based configuration with specifications of the processing parameters

3D CAD models on every hot runner system are available for download in a variety of different data formats. After entering your configuration parameters, you will receive an email with a link to the product data of the configured hot runner system. Price information provided in a PDF file tops off this service.



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