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BlueFlow®Technology: BlueFlow® Hot Runner Nozzle. Requires less. Gives more.

Increase your energy efficiency with the BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle! The lower energy requirement results from the small size, the absolutely precise and homogeneous temperature control and the fast thermal response. Benefit from the innovative technology of thick-film heating in combination with the patented two-part shaft. With no other technology is the heat generated so close to the plastic to be processed.

Superior precision.

Compact, unique design for leaner injection moulding applications and more design freedom.

Maximum efficiency.

Innovative thick-film technology for perfect, homogeneous temperature control.

Without pre-heating.

Directly at operating temperature - thanks to high dielectric strength and resistance to moisture - for shorter start-up times.

GÜNTHER BlueFlow®: Product catalogue

All information for you also in our product brochure BlueFlow®.

We make the difference - the BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle in energy comparison.

Comparison nozzle 1

Power consumption (average):
BlueFlow®: 305 °C / 40.59 W
Competitor: 305 °C / 76.5 W

Comparison nozzle 2

Power consumption (average):
BlueFlow®: 295 °C / 39.26 W
Competitor: 295 °C / 94.43 W

Comparison nozzle 3

Power consumption (average):
BlueFlow®: 280 °C / 39.30 W
Competitor: 280 °C / 78.53 W

Superior precision

We bring the heating power where it is needed - very close to the plastic. The much thinner design of the thick-film heater ensures better heat transfer and saves energy thanks to its ultra-fast thermal response. The particularly slim nozzle design of the BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle as well as its small shaft diameter allow more design freedom for direct gating due to a smaller space requirement within the mould.


Maximum efficiency

The thick-film technology allows precise and homogeneous power distribution over the entire nozzle length. This avoids temperature peaks in the plastic material to be processed and enables a high power concentration in the front nozzle area. This results in higher part quality and shorter cycle times, increasing production output and efficiency.


Without pre-heating

The advantages of the innovative thick-film technology also lie in its high dielectric strength and its resistance to moisture. This eliminates the need for slow heating and injection moulding production can thus be started immediately without any loss of time.

Other advantages:

  • Reduction of the processing temperature due to very good heat conduction of the nozzle tip into the injection point.
  • Easy installation, safety against leakage as well as low time expenditure for assembly and disassembly.
  • Excellent insulation in the front nozzle area due to the patented two-part shaft. This significantly reduces heat loss between nozzle and cavity.
  • Very good tear-off quality of the injection point, due to favourable heat transfer in the gate/article geometry area.
  • Easy-to-assemble, plug-in power and thermocouple connections facilitate assembly and disassembly.
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The innovative thick-film heating according to your specifications: Smaller. Faster. Hotter.

  • The solution for a wide range of applications
  • Customised to individual requirements
  • Manufacture in our own cleanroom

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