Valve gate systems

Valve gate systems – Perfect appearance, high process reliability

High visual requirements, various applications, reductions in cycle time, minimal shear stress, variable sprue mark cross-sections and high process reliability. These are just a few of the requirements for which GÜNTHER valve gate technology has the right answer.

Perfectly matched components are part and parcel of a valve gate system. In addition to valve gate nozzles with and without BlueFlow® heating, this includes individual or multi-needle drives, valve gate manifolds, electrical connections and accessories which have been precisely adapted to the hot runner systems.

Other advantages at a glance
  • Unambiguous opening behaviour
  • Consistent gate point quality
  • Sequential injection
  • Long needle guide service life
  • Time and cost savings
  • Wear parts are easy to replace

Valve gate nozzles

The multitude of valve gate nozzles and needle-actuation options enables both technically and financially perfect adaptation to a wide variety of different hot runner applications and mould concepts.

Valve gate manifolds

A variety of different manifold versions can be selected for GÜNTHER valve gate systems, depending on the desired hot runner application. The needle actuator is located behind or next to the manifold block in the mould.

Needle actuators

Needle actuators

GÜNTHER needle actuators enable the precise and intelligent needle control of hot runner systems with easy installation and connection technology. Both single-needle and multi-needle drives are possible.

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