Valve gate manifolds

Valve gate manifolds with high-precision needle guide

Valve gate manifolds

A variety of different hot runner manifolds can be selected for GÜNTHER valve gate systems, depending on the desired application. The current manifold range currently includes straight manifolds, cross and star manifolds and H- and T-manifolds. Variable positioning of the valve gate nozzles makes the gauge freely selectable, thus enabling individualised mould design. Here, the needle actuator for single- and multi-needle drives is located behind the manifold block in the mould.

Homogeneous temperature control thanks to external heating
All melted plastic-carrying components are heated externally, which ensures optimum melt flow with the smallest possible pressure loss. Pressed-in heaters guarantee optimum heat transfer to the hot runner manifold block. This results in homogeneous temperature distribution.

Protected power connections – Very maintenance friendly
Steel and ceramic sleeves protect the power connections from damage. Mechanical cleaning of the manifold channels is easy and fast. Cleaning in the fluid bed bath and oven is also possible.

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