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October 19-26, 2022 / Hall 1 / Booth C44

GÜNTHER Hot Runner Technology at K 2022

Visit us at the K Trade Fair 2022 in Düsseldorf

As experts in hot runner systems, we are already accomplishing tomorrow's tasks today with pioneering technologies delivering more quality, more productivity, more energy efficiency and more resource conservation. Companies and consumers need pragmatic, custom-made answers, especially during the current energy crisis with a sharp rise in oil, gas and electricity prices looming.

Increase energy savings and productivity. We have the solutions.

We will be showcasing the new smart control technology blueMaster and our innovative BlueFlow® technology at the 2022 plastics trade fair, where we will inform you about quick, affordable ways to conserve energy and increase productivity. Our experts will be available to answer your questions and provide information at Booth C44 in Hall 1.

blueMaster: The future of smart control

Precise, high-performance control technology maximizes productivity and production quality, which saves on materials and electricity costs. GÜNTHER will be presenting the new smart temperature controllers in their blueMaster compact and blueMaster pro versions at K 2022. Equipped with an app control and adaptive control optimization, the blueMaster compact (for 3 or 6 control circuits) is designed for smaller applications such as use in maintenance.

Maximize your productivity and increase product quality

The new blueMaster pro (for 6 to 24 control circuits) controls complex hot runner systems. The controller can be operated directly on the device or in a browser and is easily integrated into a control panel thanks to a network connection. Another convenient advantage, especially for users with no injection moulding training, is the user-oriented help function with suggested solutions in plain text and temperature display, which both ensure intuitive operation.

The future is Industry 4.0

The new blueMaster pro hot runner regulator series fully supports Euromap 82.2. This standard defines the interface for data exchange between the injection moulding machine and the hot runner regulator. It is based on the OPC Unified Architecture interface (OPC UA), a communication standard for secure, reliable data exchange in industrial automation. With the new blueMaster controllers, we are opening up new possibilities for users in preparation for Industry 4.0.

BlueFlow®: Needs less. Does more.

We will optimize your energy consumption. Save up to 50% energy with the highly efficient BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle. This ideal solution for moulds with multiple drops impresses with its innovative GÜNTHER thick-film heating, which, together with the two-part shaft, ensures maximum energy efficiency.

Extensive savings in investment, materials and energy

The thick-film technology ensures a homogeneous temperature control in the melt channel and agile control behaviour in the hot runner nozzles. This brings numerous advantages, such as lower energy consumption, reduced cycle times due to the lowering of melt temperatures, and expanded processing options, even for thermally sensitive plastics. The BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle makes a real difference when it comes to cost: The more compact design, the small shaft diameter and the narrow cavity spacing achieve savings in investment, materials and energy thanks to the improved efficiency, which can, first and foremost, reduce electricity costs significantly.

GÜNTHER thick-film technology – economical and suitable for varied areas of use

Thick-film heating elements have numerous advantages which can bring benefits for a whole variety of industries. Discover the potential of your new heating solution.

  • Rapid heating rate
    Thanks to the thin printed film layers and the low thermal mass, the heating elements deliver a highly rapid response time. This means they can reach their target temperature with heating rates of up to 50 K/s.
  • Non-hygroscopic
    The manufacturing process produces gas-tight, closed-cell film layers. As a result, they are not moisture-sensitive and are ready for use at all times.
  • Choice of substrate
    The heating systems can be printed on steel and ceramic. Users choose between the two variants, depending on the application.
  • Adaptability
    A thick-film heating system can be manufactured to your specifications. Each heating element is unique as are its intended applications.
  • High temperature
    A hot environment? No problem for thick-film heating elements. They work perfectly at temperatures of up to 650 °C.
  • High dielectric strength
    The heaters operate at all common voltages, whether you use 5 V, 12 V, 24 V or 230 V. They also have a dielectric strength of up to 1.5 kV.



Our thick-film heating elements provide a solution for a wide range of applications. Since the heaters are tailored to your requirements, we manufacture heating elements in lot sizes containing just one or more elements. They are produced exclusively in Germany at a maximum quality standard, as you would expect.

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